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Support for Y8 codec and colorized texture for RGB8/RGB24

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Support for Y8 codec and colorized texture for RGB8/RGB24

Postby mr_cg » Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:50 pm

Beside david-cam-3.1-m i am also using monochrom industrial cam ICS ueye UI-1540-m.
Based on my experience with that cam i want to ask for the following two features in order to make DAVID much more compatible with various monochrome cam's.

1. David supports only "Y800" monochrome codec.
Request is to support also "Y8" monochrome codec (and/or "RAW bayer" format used from ICS) as used from ICS ueye cameras.

2. Monochrome cameras usually also provide RGB8 and RGB24 codes which are fully supported from DAVID. Unfortunately with RGB codec the textures are not capured in color from DAVID.
Request is to support also the capturing of colorized texture if monochrome camera is used by using RGB codec.

The feature will bring much more compatiblitly for other monochrome cameras.
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