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Fusion issues on large files and loss of scans/scan groups w

The place for all topics related to the 'Shapefusion' tool of DAVID.

Fusion issues on large files and loss of scans/scan groups w

Postby evox » Wed Jul 22, 2015 10:43 pm

Is there a difference in the way david4 handles scan grouping in 64bit vs. 32bit windows?
I created my project in david4 64. Opening it in david4-32 there is missing groups of scans. Is this a limitation of david4-32?

I’ve been having trouble with a 40+ scan project (car underbody) and attempting .6mm vertex spacing (4000 setting)- the red ‘fusing’ bar will fill up and then the software will hard crash (console points to bad memory read/write). I’ve been attempting everything I can think of to get around this limitation…forcing a discrete graphics card, increasing page file size, closing extra programs. Fusing at 250 works but the result is poor.

Is there a good rule of thumb for computer specs? Can david4 work around RAM limitations? Is it possible to estimate how much ram/file size/etc should be required based on # of scans+camera resolution+calibration corner size?

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Re: Fusion issues on large files and loss of scans/scan grou

Postby drndadoo » Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:35 am

Only 10 years ago, somewhere in AMD Duron era we were unable to rotate 3D cube made of 100x100x100 vertices (1.000.000). You needed to wait for a few minutes for screen to refresh. Seems like only thing you can do is to reorganize project and make less scans, or to right click on scan in list to then choose "reduce mesh density" or to wait for more powerful computers.
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