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Manually moving individual scans seems to act strange

The place for all topics related to the 'Shapefusion' tool of DAVID.

Manually moving individual scans seems to act strange

Postby Utahfab » Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:36 pm

New to David, finally getting some reasonable scans, trying to align them in Shape Fusion and I seem to be getting some inconsistent behavior. When I look for a manual it says it performs much like the old one but I don’t see any explanation for the actions I’m getting.

When I try a to manually move a scan to get it close enough to another for the automatic alignment to work it sometimes moves the way I expect but sometimes it doesn’t.

• Sometimes when I “Cntrl” “Left mouse button” and slide it slides as expected. Sometimes it shrinks or grows. When it does it there seems to be even more inconsistency in that I can’t seem to tell when it will slide, shrink or grow. What are the rules that govern which option it chooses?
• Sometimes when I’m trying to hurry it will do the shrink so badly that the scan seems to disappear. When it does I can’t seem to get it back without clicking one of the icons to line up the scans in a grid or row. If I have several scans aligned but am not yet ready to combine them, how can I get the diminished scan back?
• Sometimes when you right click it seems to rotate in a certain axis and sometimes another. What are the rules the govern which axis it chooses?
• When I’ve clicked “Start” for another scan it does its thing then just seems to sit there until I click to add it to my list. How can I see the results first without adding it?
• When it pulls in a scan it seems to show up on the screen from 90 degrees left of where the scan was taken. Is there any setting that will bring it up with a view angle to match the angle it was scanned from?

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Manually moving individual scans seems to act strange

Postby Christian_Mendez » Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:23 pm

Hey there,

When you´re trying to manually align a mesh you have to be careful where your cursor is when you click either your RMB or LMB.
Select a mesh you want to move and click and hold a mouse button anywhere inside the viewport and you´ll notice that a circle appears.
Generally when navigating a mesh try to remember that the LMB will move the mesh and the RMB will rotate the mesh.
Pressing CTRL + Mouse Button will only affect the selected mesh.

Here´s a short overview:

Outside the Circle :
LMB : Zoom all in and out by pushing your mouse up or pulling it down.
CTRL + LMB : Zoom in and out selected mesh.
RMB : Rotate all clockwise or counter - clockwise.
CTRL + RMB : Rotate selection clockwise or counter - clockwise.

Inside the Circle :
LMB : Move all left, right, up or down
CTRL LMB : Move selection left, right, up or down
RMB : Free- Rotate all meshes.
CTRL + RMB : Free - Rotate selection.

I know it needs a bit getting used to but it´s ok once you get the hang of it.Scaling is not possible in Shape Fusion - what you are refering to
is zooming in or out wih the LMB.

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Re: Manually moving individual scans seems to act strange

Postby Utahfab » Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:50 pm


Thanks, that helps. I was starting to see how inside vs. outside the circle effects the movement but your descriptions clears it up.

Thanks for the help
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