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Homemade Scanning Laser Projector/TV

Homemade Scanning Laser Projector/TV

Postby sltvm2007 » Sat May 30, 2009 1:57 pm

In this project, by means of two mirrors (which can be tilted about two perpendicular axis) we deflect the laser beam so as to scan a rectangular screen and modulate the laser source to obtain a colored image on the screen. We don’t make use of sophisticated devices such as MEMS micromirror and acousto-optical-modulators.

Advantages of our technique are:
- Total cost will not exceed 10 USD in mass production. (Mechanical part costs only few dollars)
- Low power consumption (Approx. 4 W.)
- Pictures can be performed on any screen
- No lenses are needed for focusing
- Scan head can be made as small as a cigarette box.

Max. speed of the fast axis mirror is 25 KHz. That corresponds to 50000 back and fro lines per second.
In order to make use of the conventional video signal, the resonant frequency of the present scanner is tuned to 15625Hz.
Therefore number scanned lines in each frame is 625. Refresh rate is 25 frames (50 fields) per second.
Vibrations of both axis are resonant, therefore sinusoidal.
Slow axis is driven by piezo.
Fast axis is elecromagnetically driven.
Laser modulation is analog.

To view our videos: ... lbumid=104

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Re: Homemade Scanning Laser Projector/TV

Postby sltvm2007 » Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:37 pm

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