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Floppy stepper for laser

Floppy stepper for laser

Postby funtasma » Tue Dec 29, 2009 10:37 pm

As promised following some pictures of my floppy stepper laser device(see:




Fortunately the shank of the motor fits exactly into the notch of the gear box. I had to shorten the black distance tubes a little bit to fit to the length of the shaft of the motor. The diameter of the motor shaft is 3mm - exactly the same as the shafts of the gear box have. So I just needed to take one of the dent wheels to use it as a bearing for the shaft and glued it to the opposite wall of the gear box(after cutting it to a fitting size). On the other side I placed another dent wheel on to the end of the steppers shaft, but now as actuator for the gear. The outer dents I cut away to make it fit.

The last shaft of the gear box I replaced through a longer one to have some more space to place the laser. As you see I used a construction of dent wheels and plastic - just because it's easy but working well.

Alltogether it's a cheap, compact but well working solution.

The gear box is comming with more dent wheels than needed but you can buy additional ones of the same producer, which I did long ago. Since I mixed up all the material I can not say if the dent wheels which are comming with the gear box set are enough to build this here or if you need to buy additional ones. At least for the laser you might need another solution if there are not enough wheels are coming with the gear box set(anyway - it's only interesting for people in Europe, who can order the material as stated in the last threat, mentioned above.

I hope this can help the one or the other of you.

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Re: Floppy stepper for laser

Postby RAYA » Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:48 pm

Thank you to share

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