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Canon 510 or Logitech 920 with retrofit optics?

Canon 510 or Logitech 920 with retrofit optics?

Postby robssm » Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:30 pm

Can anyone tell me what the max resolution on the Canon is in webcam mode?
How well does it integrate into the David system? Does it work just like any other webcam capture source?
Whats the max frame rate?
Does it have a global shutter, or is it like the Logitech 920 ie scanning shutter?

So far, I have done some very good scans with the logitech even with stock optics! Although I had to give the lense inside a half-turn to get better focus.

The Logitechs use the 8mm pcb lenses, however, they are almost impossible to find replacements! Anyone know of where to get them for an easy zoom lens replacement, say, a 5.0 or something? I think stock both Logitechs max out at 3.7, the 920 may go to 4 or so. I only need to go a small bit more zoom to better utilize the internal detector element and get better overall clarity. I believe a 6 or 7 may be best to match most projectors.

Thank You in Advance!
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