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Image Based 3d scanner

Image Based 3d scanner

Postby Loki_5 » Thu Feb 21, 2008 2:40 pm

Hi guys,

I saw a live demonstration of this a while back and thought i'd share -

As far as i understand it uses stero depth extraction from multiple (more than 2) camera's to generate a mesh.

However its software has very few features - as far as i saw there is no way to internally match scans and produce unified meshes. I dought that would nessisarily be relivent for the medical side of their buissines but shape fusion might well be usefull to their entertainment side - just as an idea - especially once it supports a blended texture system.

Lol long shot i know but i dont suppose you guys would ever produce software that can do this? (Yes it would mean multiple cameras and be more expensive than the current system but for capturing people or bigger objects it'd speed the process). That said David's ace!
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