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Useful Links: Hardware

Useful Links: Hardware

Postby hal » Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:47 pm

Hello to EveryBody,

Here below is a list of useful hardware and solutions that we can use with David Laser Scanner.
MagWeb done a great job with a summary of internal links, here. This try to be a quick reference for external links.

This topic is locked (only to avoid bad links or spam), but every time up-to-date with your contributes.
So please, you are invited to contact me via Private Messages with new interesting links, corrections and alerts about links already in the list.
:D Thanks in advance to all Davidians :wink:

Hope this list can help,
Have nice scans with David,

p.s.: you can find the same kind of Sticky topic in the "Software" session of the forum.
Thanks to: WalterMo, Bongobat, Milz, Luc Schelfhout.
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