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lowcost calibration panel

lowcost calibration panel

Postby stonebiter » Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:22 pm

Hi all,
here I want to demonstrate the beginner an easy way to construct it's own calibration panel.
First challenge working with DAVID is to construct the calibration pattern. Problems are the stiffness and the right angle of the two boards. :shock:

With this prefabricated StyroDur-foam angle ( assigned for kitchen- or bathroom- construction) it's easy to build the calibration pattern. Stick two boards or stiff materials on the inside of this angle and fix the calibration prints on it. :D


Before fixing the boards you should check the right angle again and make some corrections if necessary. Since the foam is no hard material you can cut it to the desired lenght by simply using a knife.
You find this kind of angle-element in nearly every DIY-market or in stores specialized in house-building materials. This one I found in OBI-Germany. There are much more producers of angle-elements - so this one is just an example. The prize is about 10,- to 15,- Euros depending on the width and thickness of the element.

Good luck to frame-workers
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