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Some more Freescanning questions

Some more Freescanning questions

Postby Eoghan » Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:58 pm

Hi Guys,
I have finally managed to get my circuts built, my laser geared up and thanks to Gunters excellent help everything responding as it should when David sends messages to Arduino. I am now eager to begin scanning.
However I was wondering what is the best way to take things a step further. For example rather than the laser beam traveling up and down through the frame when tweaking the camera settings after calibration, it would be great if one could at this point manually activate the laser and position it at a fixed point in the frame. Also it would be great to manually postition the laser and tell David - 'this is where to start the scan from' and likewise position it for an end point. As I it understand it, there are limitations in regard to David being able to handle this and one needs an external program like com0com to handle the com ports, together with some other application to send these extra requests.
Alas I am only learning my way and am not really sure how to go about achieving this.
Again any information you guys might have in regard to this would be gratefully appreciated
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