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USB video capture card

USB video capture card

Postby funtasma » Fri Nov 20, 2009 5:50 pm

I would like to use my DSLR for scanning with DAVID, since I can capture it's LiveView signal through the video out, but something is not working. I bought the KWORLD DVD Maker 2.0, VS-USB2800D. It's obviously the same product that was available in the German Aldi-shops.

The capture card works great with the software that is coming with it. DAVID recognizes the card as camera, but when I choose it I do not get any videostream, no window is popping up, nothing.

What is wrong? Does anyone has experience with this kind of problem?
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Re: USB video capture card

Postby RAYA » Sat Nov 21, 2009 8:53 pm


I think you mean this : ... prodid=104

But it is not clear for me that does your DSLR camera live view feature ,allow you to record or just have a view ?

DSLR camera naturally give not such permit to record in live view mode.

Does your card/camera work without DAVID ?

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Re: USB video capture card

Postby MagWeb » Sat Nov 21, 2009 9:29 pm


maybe it works using a virtual webcam between DAVID and the card that cheats a WMD device? (e.g WebCamSplitterPro)

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Re: USB video capture card

Postby funtasma » Sat Nov 21, 2009 11:27 pm

Thanks Gunter that's the solution. It works great!! I thought that DAVID would not recognize it at all as a source if it has no WDM driver but obviously it does anyway but simply doesn't show a video window. Probaply I'll find a WDM driver for it in addition.

@ Raya
Yes, it's exactly that card.
I have an Olympus DSLR. Those guys invented LiveView system three years ago to overcome the focusing problems in macro photography that appeared in the digital DSLR photography. Since that time all Olympus DSLRs have LiveView and since last year nearly all new DSLRs on the market have it. Means a live motion picture for previewing is shown on the camera display, just like you know it from smal digital cameras. My DSLR still does not have video mode like some new ones but Olympus cameras in general alow to send the LiveView picture via video out to a monitor - and that's where the video capture card comes in.

With this trick I now can use my standard DSLR for laser scanning. Sure, only in VGA resolution but since I want to make scans for the web it's fine for me. Most important for my models are the texture shots, not the details in scaning. Advantages: I have full manual control over my light values, also in the live preview, the large sensor produces nearly no noise and I get full resolution texture shots in studio quality.
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