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David com port through Can bus IXXAT

David com port through Can bus IXXAT

Postby oliviier » Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:28 pm

I would like to make a scanner without background...
I read this wiki ... background
and I want monitoring 4 scanners in same time.
To do this, I use IXXAT interface card ... ts_en.html
My problem, when I read this part of wiki
Mode 0: The "Initial Laser Position And Time" is when you click Start

In Reference Scan and Repetition Scan, you have to click Start in the moment when the laser motion starts. Of course it has to start at the same Initial Position. This may be difficult to do, but useful when DAVID controls the laser motion over the COM port or receives the Start command from the laser motor controller.

I do not know if David port can launch a scan through the Can Interface when i click Start.

Does someone already try this configuration?
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Re: David com port through Can bus IXXAT

Postby Bongobat » Tue Aug 11, 2009 1:04 am


You did not mention how your device connects to the computer but it doesnt matter because I think to work with these non COM controlled IO devices a bridge application has to be made. You need to install a virtual com port driver like the freely available com0com and make an application that takes input from david via the virtual COM ports and outputs to your device. For the output you can make use of the VCI driver (Virtual CAN Interface). I recently drew a diagram that may explain things better: viewtopic.php?t=1303#p8145

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Re: David com port through Can bus IXXAT

Postby oliviier » Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:19 am


Try to give more explanation with my English...I can ... :shock:
Still working on the idea of hardware design.
In fact, the Can is too complex and oversized for the work functions to do,
I will pluck my hair at the realization...already it is not easy to apprehend

So how, i'm working on Faulhaber brushless, his software and RS232 connection, for a serial connection motors.
In this case, all motors work in same time and same movement. this configuration does not hamper.
The brushless can be controlled by computer as a stepper.
The software manage the movement of motors. There is just need a start pulse from David software to Faulhaber software to strat scanning procedure.
The return to the initiale position is managed by software.
In this part of harware, between the computer and motors, there is EEPROM interface that make lasers completely autonomous.
Apparently, the Faulhaber software can't communicate with a virtual port, in fact this configuration has never been tested... they don't know... and me too :( at this time.

I working on it to get ideas a little clearer.
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