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Can anybody in Western PA, USA program software?

Can anybody in Western PA, USA program software?

Postby Toffer » Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:24 am

I’m looking for talent to join this project and help develop a prototype using the Kinect v2 among other scanners. The project is to develop a system that can 3d scan an area on an object that is in the process of being manufactured. The system would compare scan data and show deviations by color coding. Are you interested in using your skills on a sweat equity project with a potential upside for you? I need a programmer who can see this project through. Compensation will be negotiated and paid when a preset revenue level is reached. Additional bonus payments awarded as future revenue levels are reached. Location is in the vicinity of Pittsburgh/Youngstown.
This website has been a wonderful resource for learning about entry level scanning. If you or anybody you know is a programmer and might be interested, please PM me. Thanks!
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