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DAVID-remote for Iphone, Ipod-touch, Ipad

DAVID-remote for Iphone, Ipod-touch, Ipad

Postby MagWeb » Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:05 am


I did a little remote app today. This is meant to use on a mobile second monitor (via WiFi) as an extended desktop (2nd monitor) to controll DAVID via a COM dialog.

I did this on an Ipad and an Iphone , extending the Windows desktop using AirDisplay as an wireless extension of your PC.

Well ...: Build a virtual Com pair using ComOcom (as described several times here in that forum--- e.g Com1>>>Com2);
Set DAVIDs advanced settings to write to one side of the pair (AdvancedSettings/Communication/COM/PortName---e.g COM1);
Run DAVID-remote and set its left com port to the loose end of the ComOcom pair (e.g. COM2)

Extend your desktop using AirDisplay, enable the second monitor in the WIN display settings and drag DAVID-remote to that second monitor.

<<< DAVID with default Commands settings should now react on the buttons of DAVID-remote...
To save the scans via remote,you have to create a "Scans" folder within the DAVID folder.
NOTE: DAVID-remote writes the scans to that folder as "scan0.obj", "scan1.obj", "scan2.obj"...aso... beginning counting with every new start of DAVID-remote. SO IT WILL OVERWRITE THE SCANS DONE IN A PREVIOUS SESSION.

Optional: if you use a microcontroller listenening to DAVIDs messages: Open the port the controller listens to in the top right of DAVID remote. This will make all the messages comming from DAVID run through to the controller...

There may be some questions... so please ask.

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Re: DAVID-remote for Iphone, Ipod-touch, Ipad

Postby jacieyax » Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:33 pm

How many megapixels on the new ipad 2 cameras? The new ipad 2 has two cameras. How many megapixels on each? Apple does not have this information on the tech specs. Anyone know?
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Re: DAVID-remote for Iphone, Ipod-touch, Ipad

Postby Julian » Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:46 am

It doesn't have a very strong cameras, about 0,7 mpixels in fronts and about 3 at the back. Different sources have the difeerent data.
And speaking about the app... I have an Android phone and what about an app for it?
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