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video processing

video processing

Postby johnrpm » Thu Aug 16, 2007 1:24 pm

I would like to scan objects away from home but not have to take a pc and all the hastle that entails, it occured to me that if I had a decent video camera then the only problem would be getting the right light conditions, I have used David enough to know what it expects but the chances are that when I try to load the avi it would not work well, I have done some image processing in the past and started looking for a free video processor on the net to make the avi scan usable with David, I found Roborealm, this really is an exellent tool, not only can it process video but can move motors and servos, they have added a module to put points on lines for me that can be written to a file," in effect a scanner" I sent them a still from this site to work with, I hope you do not mind.
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