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The DIY 3D Laser Scanner - source code

The DIY 3D Laser Scanner - source code

Postby scan3d » Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:26 am

Hi all,

For your interest I have posted the near complete source code for my DIY 3D Laser Scanning Project on my personal site (one page of a4 paper...honestly)
Free of any license restrictions - do what you want with it! ... ource-code

I know some of you are thinking it is going to be a headache to read but please take a look at how simple it really is to create a simple tool to grab XYZ values using standard commands in Basic and some free webcam grabbing software.

So far I have coded this in JustBasic, Blitz Basic and Visual Basic(code supplied) and they all worked perfectly (each having their own strengths and weaknesses) and I'm sure you can easily modify the code for your onw needs.

Just send a note of how you use it to my contact address on the site.

Hope this will help anyone interested in creating their own 3D Laser scanning programs.

Colin Ord
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