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Reconstruction Software Scanalyze

Reconstruction Software Scanalyze

Postby Tomorru » Wed Feb 14, 2007 6:23 pm

Hi there,

I'm working for Fraunhofergesellschaft IAIS Virtual Environment.
I write tools and software reducing and combining 3d scans.
For our project Bernini - Digitalisierung von Skulpur we are using a 3d range scanner by Eyetronics.
During our work we discovered that Exetronic's software Shape Snatcher Suite won't fit out needs so we looked around to find software for combining plenty ob 3d scans. We call those scans patches.
For one statue normaly we have to take about 4800 to over 8000 images for a nearly complete cover.
After redcution a statue contains over 500 patches. Therefor we needed a software that is cable of dealing with plenty of the patches.
We found that Scanalyze wirtten by students of the Stanford University does til now a good job. Under the following link you will find more information about scanalyze.

Some weeks ago when I had the time of playing around with some scans I did with David I had a try on converted ojb-files to the ply-format of scanalyze and was suprised how easy aligment and how good the fitting was.
I'm using vrip, an other little proggie of standford for combining all patches together to one whole surface.

Have a try on scanalyze! If any help for using it is needed let me know.

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