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Price of DAVID 5 package - the end of the DAVID Low-Cost 3D

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Price of DAVID 5 package - the end of the DAVID Low-Cost 3D

Postby AlexNoir » Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:37 pm

Hey Guys!

I was happy to see that DAVID is now also avaiable as Dual-Camera-Version where I was waiting for since 2011. I was also waiting to buy a new System since 2013 (this time with the Christmas Special).

But now many things changed which will change also the group of persons which are using DAVID - when I started to get in touch with the project I was able to make my own scanner with the range of 1200-2000€. The special selling events were worth to wait for. But since DAVID changed its selling policy away to distibutors we'll probably never come back to this chances. Now I asked one of this distributors how much is the new David 5 version (the software and the upgrade version are already discussed) - and I got th price of 5057€ (4250 excl. VAT). It's not up to me to decide but I'm sad about it.

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Re: Price of DAVID 5 package - the end of the DAVID Low-Cost

Postby mr_cg » Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:18 pm

I reply on this topic even if it will not change anything.
The price decision especially for the privat users is a really very big disappointment.
Usually the things are getting better and cheaper.

For me David was a good compromise between good quality vs price.
From my perspective the new price direction will make the competitors of very compact high quality 3d scanners much more attractive.

Good bye David !!!
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