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Alignment after scans for export

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Alignment after scans for export

Postby loddie » Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:17 pm

Is it possible to orient a scanned object in space after fusion (before exporting) so it is correctly oriented to a global origin? In other words, when I import the scan into another software program, can I have already correctly oriented it to a ground plane (or gravity) with the David Laser Scanner software manually, or with a script so it does not need aligning (in the second software program)?

I regularly scan similar, but yet differing objects with a reference to a ground plane (or gravity) using a fixture. While each object is slightly different, each is similarly aligned to the ground plane and the scanner set up never changes as it is dedicated for this use. When I open the fused scan in the next software package, the object has to be aligned manually as it seems to be randomly oriented in that software's "space". I'd like the objects to already be aligned and imported at that software's origin. I'm sure it is possible to reorient the object in the scanner setup through trial and error, but it would probably take hundreds of attempts and the scanner fixture would have to be highly adjustable to set up correctly (ABC axis and XZY slides). Additionally, when the scans are aligned prior to fusion, I'm not sure how much the software changes each scans orientation in space during the alignment process. In other words, during alignment of scans, I imagine they are more concerned about moving in correct orientation to each other than being true to a global origin.

I hoping a script is possible that rotates and linearly orients the object in ABCXYZ the same amount every time so when the scan is opened in the next software package, it is already aligned. I have no knowledge of scripting, but in words would be something like: Rotate 23.4deg on X axis, rotate 136.8deg on Y axis, rotate 63.8deg on Z axis, move 23mm Z linearly, move 10mm Y linearly, move 34mm Z linearly. That way, even though the objects are slightly different, when they are imported they are in the correct orientation. The script values would never change because the scanner fixture hardware setup doesn't change. Seems simple, just wondering if possible.

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