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Postby Guinness » Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:20 am

I CAN'T FIND THE FOLDER THE SCANS WERE SUPPOSED TO GO TO... SUPPOSEDLY, IT'S C:\Users\TOM\Documents, but a search of my files, then the whole hard drive didn't turn up anything.. I did another quick scan, just a pack of smokes, and it supposedly goes to the same non-existent place.. The closest thing that pops up is C:\Users\TOM\MyDocuments... A subtle difference, but the DAVID main scan screen clearly says C:\Users\TOM\Documents, but only C:\Users\TOM\MyDocuments exist, and the scans aren't there either.. Everything in the "MyDocuments" category has nothing to do with anything DAVID, as far as I can tell..
I'm on the trial version, but that shouldn't make a difference. Supposedly, you can still save, but it's a low res save.. I tried hitting the "save as" button, nothing happened.. I tried typing in a new destination, nothing happened. Any thoughts?

My first choice item, a shiny new Hotwheels car was too shiny for the low quality red laser, so I grabbed a decorative soap that looks like a rubber duck. More than anything else, I wanted to see the difference between the hi res scan and the low res save, and try to tweak the camera settings. Hopefully, the new laser will be here this coming week, but I really need to find where saves go, or direct them to the folder of my choice.. Anyone else see the missing "My" in "MyDocuments" in Windows 8??
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Postby fred_dot_u » Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:36 am

Unrelated to David Scan, but I've run into a similar problem with locating a file in Windows 7. Same problem with the "my" and "not-my" documents. I had to download everything search in order to locate the files, successfully. Even then, with the files opened via Everything Search or Search Everything, they don't appear in the folders but appear in the path!
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