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Hello & suggestion

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Hello & suggestion

Postby andy308 » Thu Dec 04, 2014 1:47 pm

Hello, I have just managed to get registered on here but have been lurking considering options on scanning for several years now. I think I am now in a position to go ahead and start my scanning projects!

My first rather unsuccessful attempt was with a Conmark L2000 laser scanner before I discovered David.

Even though I have been reading the forums and researching it is still confusing for a newbie to make a decision on which setup to go for and I dont want to end up with another scanning item to gather dust on the shelf alongside the L2000! I personally will need to scan both small objects down to approx 5cm x 5cm which needs to be as detailed as is possible, up to large objects up to 5m x 2m which is only important for details down to 1mm or so. Obviously I understand I will have to do the large scans in sections, but I am struggling to work out if I will be able to use the same projector for both jobs & have some modification to the optics or if I should just get 2 separate setups for the different jobs.

I am currently on a budget so I am struggling to justify spending £2k on the SLS-2 when I can see projectors on ebay for £50. I do realise obviously the david system is a plug and play & the selections of camera/projector etc have been made to optimise the scans, but I cant help wondering given the large collection of other members practical experience if we can list some alternative lower cost options that have been proven to work (maybe with reduced accuracy etc) for people to at least start with before moving to david cameras and better projectors.

I have searched the forum and apologise if i missed it, but I think it would be really useful to have a table of projectors & cameras (maybe lasers) with the important specs of each, a rating maybe from users showing how many people have tried it, sample scans using this setup etc etc. It would cirtainly help me decide if a cheap projector came up on ebay if it was a good option. It would also give people somewhere to point newbies so you wouldnt get all the "will this projector work qns"

I am going to be buying a new pc for this as my laptop isnt going to be up to the job particularly the large multiple scan aligns. Are there any recommendations for the key things I need to get apart from lots of RAM. My pc build knowledge is a bit basic these days!

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Re: Hello & suggestion

Postby NARMELLA » Fri Dec 05, 2014 9:29 am

Hi Andy,

I have read somewhere in this forum " Scanning is a kind of art "
Needs more knowledge ... :(

Here is some tips to choose hardware for your scanner .

- If you want to scan small objects up to 5 cm , You have to use small components " Mini projectors and mini industrial cameras "
- As you can see in the user manual of david laser scanner, it's only for objects that their sizes are min 1 cm up to 50 cm . and it is good to use it for objects between 5 cm to 50 cm.
- for scanning objects that their sizes is greater than 50 cm specially when you want to have outdoor scanning it would be good to have a projector lumens higher than 1000 and
a camera with a resolution 2 megapixel or higher one.

You can't use a special hardware for all purposes :wink:

- After a lots of tries , i have got that to get nice results and have enough speed in scanning process you need to have a pc :
- OS : win 8.1 64 bit
- RAM : 32 GB or higher
- Graphic card : a high performance one

I will send some comparisons for those " If possible soon..."

Good luck
Data projector : NEC VE 281
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Software : Lets scan 2.5 + David laser scanner 3.9
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Re: Hello & suggestion

Postby andy308 » Fri Dec 05, 2014 2:27 pm

Thanks very much Narmella, the more I try to make a descision on which setup to go for, the more I think I just need to get some bits and start scanning! As you say it is an art & I think i need to learn the art & get some experience before I start to go for the full detail and exact equipment for my final jobs.
Time to take the plunge with a cheap projector and a 9000 and give it a go!
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