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Scanning Human Feet

Which camera works? Where can you buy an adequate laser? And more...

Scanning Human Feet

Postby shoesam » Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:02 pm

OK....I have played with Stereo Photos ( Photomodeler) with OK results, but want to explore DAVID Laserscanner system before making a commitment.

Here are my thoughts.....please comment if you can:

Target: Human Foot, on an inclined surface, as if they were in a Womens High Heel.

Camera: directly infront of foot, at an appropriate distance, elevated looking downward, in a fixed position.

Laser: Green, 5mW, using mirrored backplane, travelling approximately 200mm vertically. ( any estimate of the mm/sec based on medium resolution?)

Mechanical movement: Is a linear actuator really required???. or can this be simplified to a simple geared motor/pulley system with end of travel switches?

Phase 2: to use an impression foam under the foot, which is scanned AFTER the foot is removed, to get bottom of foot surface data.


the end result is to allow me to use this digital MESH data to CNC cut models of feet in different heel hights.

What version now supports mirrored scans in DAVID???...the only wiki post on the matter was never completed, and it is only by luck I saw something on the forum about the latest version not supporting mirrors???

Thank you,

Sam :D
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Re: Scanning Human Feet

Postby WalterMo » Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:11 pm

Hi Sam,
I have seen on the forum on several places that you are trying to scan feet and that you intend to use mirrors.
Why not to do it in a conventional way like I have sketched it below? OK, it's a bit more mechanical work to do, but I am sure it will work fine. All components of the rig should be obtainable from a DIY market.
C = camera
V = video projector
F = pedestal of a sunshade

The sleeve at the stand of the sunshade base is pivoted so that the rig is rotatable > 180°. By means of DAVID's new SL technique it should be possible to do 3 scans from 3 different positions in about 30 sec.

Using a chair like the sketched construction it should also be possible to scan around a human's head with a similar setup.


Edit: In the meantime (Aug 25th, 2011) I can confirm that 3 scans at 3 positions need 3 x 31 sec = 93 sec.
SL foot scanner
Side view of a chair usable for head scans
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