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Green laser noise possible solution

Which camera works? Where can you buy an adequate laser? And more...

Green laser noise possible solution

Postby Absrnd » Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:36 pm

I received my green laser last week, and what a sh*t load of noise did it project :(
but today I had a clear moment, and closely inspected the laser opening with a magnifying glass

and I saw at the edges of the glass bar some plastic residue that covered the lens a small bit.
I took a very thin scalpel knife and cut it away, the glass is hard enough that it should not be
damaged by the blade.
and I was able to cut a big portion away, this cleared up the noise by 95% :D

so I'm a happy camper, but probably have to rescan everything I have done up ti'll now :(.

I hope this is also a solution for other noise problems users !

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