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QuickCam Ultra / VC And Mpeg4 digicam.

Which camera works? Where can you buy an adequate laser? And more...

QuickCam Ultra / VC And Mpeg4 digicam.

Postby picnet » Thu May 03, 2007 10:49 pm

After paying more attention to correctly constructing the corner target heres some example .obj files for the quickcam ultra and quickcam live (vf-0050). ...

And some tests with a Samsung Digimax S800 camera which records mpeg4 video at 640x480. -This camera has had its IR hot mirror removed which increases its sensitivity in the red / near-infra red end of the spectrum. The benefit of this is lower noise which can be seen in the smooth surface of the gnome rendering. ... ndered.jpg

The calibration video and measurement files + object can be found in this zip ...

No attempt was made to correctly expose the measurement shot, it was very much "lets see if this works" :-) The calibration video has been post processed in virtualdub using the levels filter, the eraser tool may be needed to perform a correct calibration with that file.

The samsung is far from ideal since the video must be first recorded and then loaded using davids video grabber feature.

It may be an idea for those users that have access to mpeg4 cameras, e.g digimax s800, pentax a10/20, olympus 770z etc to give those a try.

Laser used: 630-680nM, power <5mw class 3A - transverse industries Taiwan. With a line generator/acrilic lens from a similar laser. - The line generator is poor quality leading to specular noise/dots along the line although what impact this has on the final scan is for further investigation.

Happy Scanning.
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