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HowTo Report a Bug

If you found a bug, please post it here and we will try to eleminate it as soon as possible.

HowTo Report a Bug

Postby Simon » Sun Dec 16, 2007 11:29 am

Whenever you find a bug, report it as a new topic. Please include some relevant informations about your system (like CPU, memory, camera, .NET Version, windows version, ...).
We will try to eliminate the bug as soon as possible. Thanks!
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Re: HowTo Report a Bug

Postby Sven » Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:41 pm

We have started to mark existing Bug Reports with labels in brackets [ ], to show the state of each problem.
Please do not set any [labels] yourself, only the Moderators should do that. Thanks!

[Reported] = developers are aware of the problem, reason still unknown;
[HelpNeeded] = developers can not reproduce the problem on their systems and need further details of the problem on different systems. The problem's description is still to vague;
[Confirmed] = reproducible by developers;
[inProgress] = developers are working on a known problem;
[Fixed] = the problem has been solved for the next release, coming soon;
[Solved] = With the current version there should be no problem anymore. If there is still a problem report as a new thread;
[ParticularHardware] = Problem occurs only on a particular hardware (combination)
[ThirdParty] = known problem which can not be solved by DAVID, for the mistake depends on ThirdParty soft- or hardware;

Thanks to Gunter for his suggestions and list of states.

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