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Depth of field cropping box

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Depth of field cropping box

Postby Curiousjeff » Wed May 13, 2015 6:04 pm

I hope the idea below will not sound too crazy. It's in relation mostly to macro-scanning and the problem of depth of field.

New feature

1) A defined bonding box encoded into the each scan (like EXIF for images)

This bonding box is parallel to the camera plane (similar to Advance Settings / Resultfiltering / MinDepth & MaxDepth)

So basically this box is:

MinDepth & MaxDepth
MinX & MaxX
MinY & MaxY

(I am supposing that the Z axis is perpendicular to the camera / chip plane)

BUT this cropping should NOT BE applied at the "structured light" level as it is today. It should remain inactive at this point but embedded in the scan data.

That way, in fusion, we are using the whole capture scene to help align the scans, including external markers.

Once all scans are perfectly aligned, then this cropping filter is applied to each scan individually and automatically.

That way, we are left with a series of very sharp scans and little overlapping. This greatly reduced the artifacts due to loss of focus since the bonding box is setup to only keep what is in good focus in each scan. Maybe this will also allow faster fusion (?).

2) If the above is implemented, we can imagine an automated turntable mounted with an extra Z axis (forward/backward).

A rough scan can be first made (4 scans @ 90 degre in speed mode), aligned and fused.

This scan could be analyzed (by David or by an external program) and compute all the necessary and best scan necessary to obtain a PERFECT scan. Then this software will control the turntable, including the Z movement to make the sharpest scan for each part and trigger David to scan (same as regular turntable).

The result would be a little like the Artec Eva with a robot arm but for a fraction of the cost (how much can that cost ???)

Does this make any sense ?

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