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Shapefusion automation by com port commands and messages

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Shapefusion automation by com port commands and messages

Postby tomatoegrower » Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:14 am

Dear David team,

we wish to get com port commands and messages to use the shapefusion functiononality from outside DAVID.

Right now we are using a C++ application to run a turntable (without Arduino) and the scan process in David. Therefore we use the com port commands and messages. This works pretty good and reliable.
But after the scanning we have to do a lot of mouseclicks for the fusion process.
We would like to automate that with the help of our C++ application.
As the David SDK is not available by now, we thought that it could be possible to add the commands and messages for shapefusion in the next release.
Or just add a feature in David for automated shapefusion of scans done on a turntable with a constant angle.

One of this options would help as a lot in our daily work with the system.

Bets regards

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