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Advanced calibration

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Advanced calibration

Postby MagWeb » Thu Sep 06, 2007 7:32 pm

Hi Simon and Sven,

here is my wishlist for an advanced calibration regarding a "window-setup":

1. A function to define a windowsetup ( Zero for closed "normal" corner (standard), window´s width "A" (as defineable value)) changing the calibpoints.dat (adding 0,7071067 x A to the X/Z-values if they are not equal zero).
2. Remove the filter hiding 3D-data, where either X or Z or both are negative(for scanning "backspace").
3. Reduce the detection-plane-filters of 20% of scale in relation to the window´s width ( give them a lower bound to make a object´s scan, hitting the origin, possible)

Eraser-mode (very usefull in calibrating windows):
-sometimes the eraser clips to mouse-movement even if the left mouse buttom is not pressed (I don´t like this unusual behaviour);
-would be nice if the eraser would be no brush-tool ( in this case I would prefer a round tool) but a freehand-form-tool.

But that are only improvements, David is allready a Goliath!

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