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handle interlaced video?

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handle interlaced video?

Postby jbeale » Wed Aug 15, 2007 12:04 am

I do video production so I have several good quality video cameras, but they are in interlaced format (nominal 29.97 fps but really 59.94 fields per second). Could the software have a "interlaced" option, so it uses the two video fields separately? That should give a resolution advantage (in theory) over a combined frame whenever the laser is not perfectly stationary. I don't know how much advantage it is in practice, but I think the software change would be relatively quick.

FYI: Other things being equal, an interlaced 60 fields-per-second camera has lower noise than progressive-scan 60 frames-per-sec camera, because in the first case, each field scanline is formed by two rows of sensor pixels binned together.

For example, if an interlaced-readout sensor has 480 rows, the even field uses row 1+2, then 3+4, etc. The odd field uses 2+3, 4+5 etc. Since each image pixel output is the sum of two sensor pixels input, the random noise is reduced by sqrt(2) as compared with a progressive-scan sensor of the same size and resolution.
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