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File configuration

File configuration

Postby dropco2 » Mon Jun 29, 2015 6:30 pm

Hi I wonder if anyone could offer some advice about 3D crystal engraving?
I've been trying to get a company to do some 3D crystal engraving and seem to be having no end of issues with file protocols.
We have a Faro scanner (sorry) of which I can take point-cloud data (.fls) which we import into recap to zip the scans together into a finished point cloud(.rcp) which allows us to use it in AutoCAD and output solid models.
The question I don't seem to be able to get answered - it seems that most of the crystal engraving machines convert to a point cloud or seemingly can use .dwg format yet I seem to be struggling to get anyone to help. Is this a case where size matters? :shock:
Could anyone reccomend someone ot help - I have a significant amount of work I could pass forward but seem unable to either get our solid models read or our point cloud data read - I'm afraid most of the operators I've spoken too seem just ot have the machine and not the support.
Any help would be appreciated?
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