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What version is my DAVID now? SLS-1, SLS-2 or SLS-3?

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What version is my DAVID now? SLS-1, SLS-2 or SLS-3?

Postby Idea Beans » Thu Jul 21, 2016 11:24 am

Hi everyone,

I'm getting slightly confused by all the different versions of SLS scanners and cameras that are available....

When I bought my DAVID it was SLS-1 with CAM 3 and DAVID3 software.

Since I have upgraded from DAVID3 to DAVID4 software, does that make my SLS-1 become SLS-2?

If I'm getting a DAVID CAM 4 Upgrade Kit for my SLS-1 in the near future, does that make my SLS-1 become SLS-3?

And if I'm getting DAVID5 software along with the CAM 4 Upgrade Kit to go with my old CAM 3, will that make my SLS-1 become SLS-3 Stereo???

When I use DAVID 5, do I choose SLS-1 or SLS-3??

Please clarify. Thanks! :P
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Re: What version is my DAVID now? SLS-1, SLS-2 or SLS-3?

Postby drndadoo » Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:14 pm

DAVID5 will recognize your system and choose the right one under the setup menu. SLS-X is just mark for the hardware. You can have SLS-2 with the DAVID3, DAVID4 or DAVID5. In any of this cases it is still the SLS-2 system.
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