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Application Programming Interface (API)

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Re: Application Programming Interface (API)

Postby Ingo » Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:33 pm

Hi Sven,

I clearly understand and respect sales decisions.
Nevertheless I think there are some non-commercial users (private, students, educational environment), who would like to automate their processes, but are not able to afford the enterprise edition.

So the question remains, do you plan to sell the SDK or a slimmed down version for less for non-commercial users?
This should not hamper your sales figures, as commercial users should pay the present price (which from my point of view is surely reasonably priced for a commercial environment).
On the other hand, users from a non-commercial environment might be willing to share their ideas and experiences and can help in the development.
I for myself would be glad to conribute as I already did in case of automation via macro scripting.
So it would not really be a giving it away for free.

Best regards
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