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Re: DAVID 3.7.0 beta

PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:57 pm
by Christian_Mendez
Here´s whats happening on my system so far:


- "1 click" calibration is very neat and I like it, but when calibration fails I have to guess what is wrong. I agree with Godehardt that an error message would be helpful.
- sometimes my neg. calibraton panel could not be reconized as such and I had to manually set this up in the advanced settings. Again, an error message would have been
- I like the fact that the "calibrate" button is gone from the Structured Light tab. I accidentaly clicked on "calibrate" and calibrated the projector. Thanks for
removing that.


- I made a few scans and aligned them - It seems like DAVID can handle distortions better now :) (could not attempt and close a mesh yet - see below)


- Shapefusion is faster
- Shapefusion crashes regularly

I can´t say anymore at this stage of my tests. Looking forward to a more stable Shapefusion.


CPU : Core i7
GPU : Nvidia Quadro 1000m
Cam : TIS DMK 42AUC03
Ram : 16 GB


Win7 Pro 64bit
NetFrame 4.0 and 4.5

kind regards,

Re: DAVID 3.7.0 beta

PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:08 am
by xoxu
For me the shapeFusion crashes appear only when i make a Free align scan but often appear
I align manualy and then i make a Pairwise Fine registration then i haven't crashes


CPU : Core i5
GPU : Nvidia 520M
Cam : Canon600D
Ram : 4 GB


Win7 Pro 64bit
.Net 4.5


Re: DAVID 3.7.0 beta

PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:43 am
by Alyx
i usually use Rapidform to align precesely scans with deviation maps, so did not test david align, as Xoxu reported, Free aligning method makes David crash.

Re: DAVID 3.7.0 beta

PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:54 am
by Sven

Thank you all for your feedback. We are working on the Alignment crash problem. Unfortunately it does not occur on all computers, e.g. not on mine...

Will post new version here as soon as we have it.


Re: DAVID 3.7.0 beta

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:58 pm
by Bryan_Sang

I tried David 3.7.0 beta with my wooden elephant with color varnish on it.

Acer laptop( i5 2410M, NVIDIA geforce GT540M, 4GB RAM) Win7 64bit, .NET 4.5 and 4.0 installed
David Monochrome CCD with Pentax 6mm lens, Viewsonic PJD5223 projector(2700 ANSI)

It works perfect with some hesitation during Fusion process. It paused for 20minutes around 70% progress of Fusion, then continued Fusion process OK.

Wooden Elephant

As shown in the screen capture, color info is gone for some reason.
Somewhere along the procedure, I think I made some mistake. I lost partial color info for the top scan.

For the top scan alignment with others, I had to resort to the David version 2.5 for the help of the 'Manual' alignment, with 3 points pair matching.

I will continue testing.


Bryan Sang

Re: DAVID 3.7.0 beta

PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:21 pm
by Alyx
Here is the problem with texture (probably it's a bug of Canon 1100d) but i was not able to make it, David shows that texture is there, but it is not, not even B/W.

Windows 7 x64, Framework 4.0&4.5, Canon 1100D.

Re: DAVID 3.7.0 beta

PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:17 pm
by Sven
Hi Alyx,
So you can SCAN with your Canon, just not grab textures? What exactly happens?

Re: DAVID 3.7.0 beta

PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:25 pm
by Alyx
When i use auto grab function, noting happens, when i try to press Grab texture, model reloading in viewpoint as it would after capturing texture (nothing happens in logs too), and model becomes white and shows me i have a texture on it.

Probably David is sending a signal to my canon to take a picture, but it's impossible in live view mode, i'll go buy simple webcam to test it in 2-3 weeks when i come back home.

Re: DAVID 3.7.0 beta

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:14 pm
by Sven
We now have beta2, Please follow up at this thread: viewtopic.php?p=25971#p25971

Re: DAVID 3.7.0 beta

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 12:04 pm
by parapente
Hi all davidians...
It's probably my fault, but the measurements of the scans remain at 0.5 even if the setting is 1 ... where am I wrong?