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Diffused Structural Light Scanning

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Diffused Structural Light Scanning

Postby Khalid Khattak » Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:57 pm

Just reading article on the subject, it was so informative that i could not resist to post here. May be this helpful in the David Development. We too much talking about the reflection of inner corner and reflection of objects during SL scanning.
"Today, structured light systems are widely used in applications such as robotic assembly, visual inspection, surgery, entertainment, games and digitization of cultural heritage. Current structured light methods are faced with two serious limitations. First, they are unable to cope with scene regions that produce strong highlights due to specular reflection. Second, they cannot recover useful information for regions that lie within shadows. Examples are shown in the above figure - a metal hemisphere (specularities) and a cube (shadows).

We propose diffuse structured light, a simple but effective approach to mitigate both specularities and shadows in structured light methods. The key observation is that many structured light methods use illumination patterns that have translational symmetry, i.e., two-dimensional patterns that vary only along one of the two dimensions. We show that, for this class of patterns, diffusion of the patterns along the axis of translation can mitigate the adverse effects of specularities and shadows, while maintaining the illumination coding. Our approach can be used in several structured light applications; we show results for two - 3D scanning using sinusoidal phase shifting and separation of direct and global components of light transport using high-frequency binary stripes." ... /index.php ... allery.php
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Khalid Khattak
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Re: Diffused Structural Light Scanning

Postby pottersfriend » Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:58 pm

Nice find Khalid.

It seems like a relatively simple solution. I look forward to hearing what the David team thinks of it.

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Re: Diffused Structural Light Scanning

Postby Bryan_Sang » Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:27 pm

Great result!

I sometimes have to spray white powder mixed with solvent on a glossy or transparent object. One of the concern is that some object is so pliable and soft, the spray might change the nature or 3D shape of the object.

I love it.

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