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[DISCUSS] Faces selection problem

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[DISCUSS] Faces selection problem

Postby MagWeb » Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:48 pm

Selection tool in Shapefusion shows a strange behaviour:

Even when the Selection-icon is red, active (this is for freeform or rectangle selection as well) the tool does not select. The object is zoomed (in or out) instead. After some clicks selection works. I did not find any rule until now...


Seems my mouse click is not fast enough???

Now LMB+drag zooms instead of panning as it was in 2.x. Also LMB+drag isn´t disabled while selection tool is active any more. That makes this strange behaviour.
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Re: Faces selection problem

Postby Sven » Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:45 pm

Sorry I can't reproduce the problem on my Win7 and WinXP machines. Selection tool works fine here.
For RECT selection too, there is one difference: You have to click on both rectangle corners, not click and hold while drawing the rectangle.
The POLYGON selection tool should behave like in DAVID 2...?

The behavior of LMB/RMB has not changed. You remember the white circle? It is still there, but not visible (at this time). You can see it when you press Space. Outside this circle, the mouse will zoom (LMB) and rotate around view axis (RMB).

So does your selection tool really not work? Please let me know.

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Re: Faces selection problem

Postby MagWeb » Sun Apr 24, 2011 5:34 pm

Hi Sven,

ah, well clicking the corners for rectangle selection works;
(I noticed, if you click the second corner AND do not move the cursor further at all, the selection will not become red, here - just a slight cursor movement and the selection is colored)
polygon selection is closed also with a double click now. It was closed with RMB before.

IMO: I´d prefer the old way to block panning and zooming while selection tool is active and to reactivate the tool again after each selection. If I select fast, the mouse is in motion and now slightly moved clicks are ignored , only realy static ones work. If they are the first clicks clicks in motion are interpreted as panning or zooming. For my feeling this interrupts the workflow.
But maybe that just needs some training...

Less important: the symbol at the cursor is not updated. when you switch between rect- and polygon mode directly.

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Shape Fusion - Selection Tools

Postby hal » Sun Apr 24, 2011 5:55 pm

1) Could be fine if we can stop and delete the current selection (during selection when the selection borders are visible) just pressing ESC button from our keyboards;

2) Sometimes if I click fast with the LMB during Lazo selection, the software don't catch the points and don't create the Lazo perimeter as I want (seems that it want a slow speed input of clicks);

3) After a selection, if I do one click with the RMB, I delete the red selection on the mesh. With rectangle Selection Toll works fine, but with Lazo the RLM click don't affect in real time the camera view. The action erase the red selection but only if I move/rotate the 3D view (seems a lazy bug of the graphic memory, or maybe is my only problem?);

4) ShortCuts for the Lazo and Rectangle Selection Tools would be usefull.

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