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dimensional accuracy

Problems, solutions and discussion about scanning with a video projector and stripe patterns.

dimensional accuracy

Postby Ralf » Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:58 pm

Hi Guys,
only for the overview I startet a new thread.
And first of all thanks to stecma for your great description in "Little objects".
This was a great help and of course a motivation, to try this construction, for my problem with SLS3 with dual camera.
Because of the different angle of the cameras, for the Beamer don't has the lens in the middle of the housing.
For small parts which we usually have, it is a problem.

The Scan in the picture is a tip of a clamp for medical use.
Our scans have to be very good in dimensional stability
The object is coated because the surface is Steel and high polished.
But doing that it gives the rough surfcae, because of the pigments. Whithout coating, scanning is not possible.
The distance to the cameras is approximately 260mm.
Based on the measurements you can see the size of the object.
The maximum tolerance is 0,025mm. Mostly 0,015mm.

Fusion with Sharpness 5 and 0,0254mm Vertex Spacing.
Using Sharpnes of 2 an 0,0676 VS the Surface will be more smooth and the dots in the tip are nearly the same.
VS over 0,1mm let them be more flat and not as sharp.
You lose about 0,015mm in corners our little radii. But would be usefull for further processing.

I've used the TT1 (36degree) and the Scan was finished without measuring und 20minutes.
Some Scans from the side has been deleted bcause the Dots in the tip will become flat.

Unfortunately to say "Extended View" is not working the way we need it. For this object it is not important.
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