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Texture question and 360 degree scan fusion quation

Problems, solutions and discussion about scanning with a video projector and stripe patterns.

Texture question and 360 degree scan fusion quation

Postby ITS » Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:31 am

Hi, guys,
I need some help. I have DAVID4, and am using Acer projector comes with SLS2, but I am not using DAVID camera, I am using a similar industrial USB3 monochrome camera, it is very similar to DAVID camera, can also run at 60fps.
In my setup, I choose to enable texture, but when I calibrate the system, the project doesn't project solid red, green, and blue color pattern, it only project the black and white stripe pattern. The result is I do have texture covers the object, but the texture is all white, there is no color. When I do white balance, and put a white object in front of the camera, I click adjust white balance, but it doesn't look like anything happened. Did I miss any important step for setting up texture? The object scanned is with color, I would like to have color texture.

Question 2 is about 360 degree scan and fusion. I am using DAVID turn table, and I plan to scan an object which is about 4-6 inched high, and 3 inched in diameter. I would like to use the turntable to have a 360 degree scan of the object. Could anyone tell me the best way to utilize the turntable to get enough scans for the whole object, especially for the top and bottom of the object? If I have scan for sides view, top and bottom scan, how to use shape fusion to fuse all scans to have a fusion scan, how to align top and bottom to the side scan?

Any input is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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