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Projector Specs. DLP Vs LCD Vs CLoS?

Problems, solutions and discussion about scanning with a video projector and stripe patterns.

Projector Specs. DLP Vs LCD Vs CLoS?

Postby micr0 » Wed Oct 15, 2014 5:21 pm

Has anyone here done a comparison test between these three projector technologies? Understanding what little I do about all of these and their mechanics, it seems that DLP based projectors may have an inherent drawback that could be causing some of the striped surface issues that I and others seem to be having here. I was thinking that a rotating color wheel and or shutter could produce fluctuations in brightness over a frame that the David software is interpreting as variations in the surface of the scanned subject. These stripes appearing as uniform variations would seem to coincide with a spinning shutter or wheel. Or is this more likely caused by the shutter of the camera just being out of sync with the frame rate of the projector? I have tried different frame rates on my projector and different exposure setting on the camera (David Cam with Global shutter) with only minor effect. Any input on projector theory or practical experience as it pertains to SL scanning with David would much appreciated.


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