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What does the refinement function?

The place for all topics related to the 'Shapefusion' tool of DAVID.

What does the refinement function?

Postby AlexNoir » Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:02 pm


Only prob. a really basic question: What is the Refinement Function for? I mean okay the fusioned model is somehow looking more detailed, but or example if I've some areas with to scans which are not neally fitting completly together, the surface looks after fusion more disturbed. What does the Refinement? Is this a hyperthetic sufacestructure or is this coming more on the "real object surface"? I mean if it is nessasary - why is it a optional option?


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Re: What does the refinement function?

Postby AlexNoir » Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:36 pm

only a addition.

I tried to show you what I mean. I scaned a stone (sandstone - so complicate micro structures) and fused the scans with and without the refinement function. Than I compared them and you see at the picture the differences. And I mean a diffence of up to 0,2mm by the surface of a size of 5cm only by choosing a additional option (not depending on different scans) is not really good, or? Is my object after the Refinement now finer then before (where the software get the information?)? What is the more "real" Surface? With or without Refinement?

Please help!


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Re: What does the refinement function?

Postby Bobby » Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:57 pm

Refinement = fine moving of individual scans to more perfectly align them to each other.

It takes more processor time to do fine alignment. I have fast computer with much memory so I choose 200 iterations for fine alignment - BEFORE I fuse the part.

You can see animation on screen showing individual scans moving to fine align while it is working. Higher number = more times to 'try' fitting. Too high and computer may be not fast enough to finish or takes long time to finish so be ware.
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Re: What does the refinement function?

Postby Sven » Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:49 pm


@Bobby: Sorry, what you write is not about Refinement, it's about Global Fine Registration.

@Alex: Refinement is a Fusion option. Fusion creates a new closed mesh based on the original scans, with clean transition at the scan borders. The Refinement option tries to make the Fusion result more similar to the original scans. This is good when the original scans contain small details and align very well. If they don't align perfectly, Fusion can compensate up to a certain degree, but with Refinement it may cause the disturbances you have seen.
Since the algorithm cannot detect by itself whether it's better with or without Refinement, it is a user option.

I'm sorry, the user manual should give more info about the Fusion options... DAVID 3.9 will simplify the Fusion options a bit. We will then update the user manual...

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