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how I finally did it.

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how I finally did it.

Postby erniej » Thu Jan 10, 2008 10:30 pm

Hi Guys,
I finally did it. (with your help)

My steps with 4 scans.


Scan 1 = front side
Scan 2 = right side
Scan 3 = rear side
Scan 4 = left side

Click on Add

Add scans in this order

2 right side
1 front side
4 left side
3 rear side

Click on - Arrange

Scan 1 (front) becomes the base scan

Click Align

1 - Align
2 - Rotation around the y-axis angle set at 90 degrees
3 - Click on scan 2 (right side) then on scan 1 (base scan)
4 - Rotation around y-axis set at -90 degrees
5 - Click on scan 4 (left side) then click on scan 1 (base scan)
6 – Rotation around the y-axis set at 90 degrees
7 – Click on scan 3 (rear side)
8 – Click on scan 4 (left side)

If you click on scan 2 (right side) as the last align you need to set the rotation around the y-axis to -90 degrees. I tried that and it did not work very well.

That’s how I did it.
I hope that this is helpful to someone.

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