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anyone in Leipzig who can help me? shape fusion doesn't work

The place for all topics related to the 'Shapefusion' tool of DAVID.

anyone in Leipzig who can help me? shape fusion doesn't work

Postby storjob » Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:58 pm

Dear All,
currently I am working on a scan of a copy of the apollo 13 capsule that I made
out of wood in a nearly 1/1 scale in collaboration with a Friend of mine in 2006.
After showing our modell we cut it into pieces and threw those things into a swamp.
One and a half years later we collected those shattered pieces again and built something
else out of it.
I am now trying to scan some of these pieces in my studio in Leipzig, which seems to work fine,
but I am having huge problems with the 3d shape fusion. The automatic way of "freemoving"
has not worked at all and even the manual way of doing it has somehow only worked out once..
I am not quite sure what is going wrong and I'd be glad if anyone could assist me in trying
to get somewhere with this. My number : +49 (0) 341 223 5332, mob.: +49 (0) 179 676 4522
Thanks for your attention.

Lutz-R. Müller
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Re: anyone in Leipzig who can help me? shape fusion doesn't work

Postby BJ64 » Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:24 pm

I too am new to this JRM.

What I have found so far is that I scan all my objects around a y-axis (vertical) rotation. I do 6 different scans, but always have trouble getting the last 'key' piece to merge properly in Shape Fusion. There's probably something really simple I'm doing wrong.

The thing I haven't been able to work out yet is when I get a two adjacent scans I want to 'merge' that aren't quite the way I want Shape Fusion to see them. I do the 'Add' to bring them both into the viewer, hide the one the one that looks ok, then 3D rotate the 'other' one until I get it to where I think Shape Fusion needs to see it, end when I bring the first one back into the software, both images are in the orientation that they were scanned in at.

Sometimes, a manual 3-point (minimum) alignment works, but at other times, I see Shape Fusion connecting the wrong planes together e.g. I get and inner and outer plane being automatically connected so that the whole thing looks like a propellor in cross-section.

I have much to learn yet...

BJ :)
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