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Calibration panel base knowledge

The place for questions, problems, comments and tips regarding the camera calibration.

Calibration panel base knowledge

Postby bartosh44 » Thu Dec 11, 2014 11:59 am

Hi, I`m thinking about buying David SLS-2 camera and projector.

Calibration panels I would like to do myself. I have got Corel Draw and Illustrator. I have few questions.

I`ve made info panels from metacrylate or pvc with printed foil on top of it.

That materials are flat and foil is glued to surface (also flat). Is it good idea for making calibration panels?

I would like to made all calibration panels which are sended with David bundle. Could you give me some vector files with that (with all needed sizes) to print it on foil and fix to surface.

Two sheets of metacrylate can be ease connected with some corner handle.

What should be width of sheet becouse of corner offset?

Is project should be also offset on one side to have both sides same on view?

Is it worth to do it alone or it`s very hard to get good final scans on DIY calibration panels?
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Re: Calibration panel base knowledge

Postby MagWeb » Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:22 am

There are .cdr versions of the patterns shipping with the software download (in the "printout" directory). You can scale them to any desired size.

The panels' material has to be flat and stable. It should not bend after some while. I made a PVC corner using 10mm sheets (about A3 size) some time ago... After a while I noticed some bending. Glas seems to be better.

bartosh44 wrote:What should be width of sheet becouse of corner offset?

Sorry , I don't understand. Could you illustrate your problem?
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