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Orientation of the calibration sheet

The place for questions, problems, comments and tips regarding the camera calibration.

Orientation of the calibration sheet

Postby Sunderz » Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:25 pm

Just got david working with my dslr and a hand held laser, I have printed the calibration sheets off and got scan data (not great but collecting data non the less). The part I want to finally scan is more of a landscape shape each side over portrait... The part is wider over height.

I assume the sheet dictates x,y,z in free space and so turning it will distort that. Is the only option printing a huge calibration sheet to cover the required width? The part is an awkward shape to mount vertically.

Hope you can help and I've been clear.

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Re: Orientation of the calibration sheet

Postby hal » Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:36 am


if I got it correctly, your is a large object but short.
If you are asking how to ditort the calibration penel in order to scanit with laser... my suggestion is to don't distort nothing but use one of this method:

Simple solution: rotate the calibration panel with the makers of 90°, if you can't rotate the object. Then scan it as usual. David will recognize (it works with SLS so I guess will work with laser, too) the orientation of the panels and laser. If don't work rotate also the camera;

Advanced solution: create a controller that can move the laser with same speed and path every time (motor + controller) and mountht he laser+motor on a rigid frame linked with the camera. You will have a structure that, after calibration, keep the position of the camera and of the laser. So you can scan freely without calibration panes in the scene.

An otehr solution, more easy then the second one, is to use a projector instead laser. In this case you no need a motor and a controller for the laser.

Hope these helps,
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