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Calibration Problems

The place for questions, problems, comments and tips regarding the camera calibration.

Calibration Problems

Postby BJ64 » Sun Mar 21, 2010 2:29 pm

I have upgraded to David 2.5.3 and I'm trying to use the new Calibration panels - A4 left and right PDF's, scale = 146mm.

With David 2.4.9 and the old Calibration sheets, I found it very difficult to get the Camera to Calibrate at higher resolutions (640x320 and higher).

Now it's the other way around - if I try anything lower than 1280x1024, 5fps, the Camera simply won't calibrate. And to get it to calibrate at all, I have to have the Cam *much* closer than I used to.

What has changed - or what am I doing wrong?

The reason I'm trying to go lower res around the 680 mark is so that I can get the Camera to operate at 30fps - 1280 only gives me 5fps.

I have attached a sample scan and resultant 3d. (You'll notice that I'm still getting those wavey lines in my scans).

Raw 3D
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